Our Clients

Most of our clients choose to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of law firm financing and management. We respect their wishes in this regard and go to great lengths to ensure that our dealings with these firms are kept in strict confidence.

Octagon Law Group clients

Apart from those clients who wish to remain anonymous, we do have other clients who see value in publicizing their affiliation with Octagon Law Group. Below is a sample of clients who are supported by Octagon Law Group.

Heydary Hamilton PC

Heydary Hamilton PC is one of Canada’s most dynamic law firms. With Octagon Law Group’s assistance, they continue to grow their operations.


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Lawsof.com is a leading Canadian publication on technology law. Lawsof.com publishes original content written by some of Canada's leading technology lawyers from the country's largest law firms.

Red Seal Notary Inc.

Red Seal Notary is Canada's only national notary public company, with over 100 locations across Canada. Octagon Law Group provides Red Seal Notary with full operational support in addition to facilitating expansion.

Heydary Green PC

Heydary Green PC is a boutique family law firm. The founding of the firm was facilitated through financing provided by Octagon Law Group.

Heydary Samuel PC

Heydary Samuel is a real estate boutique law firm that traces its roots back to 1976, and has provided legal services in the real estate industry for the past 40 years.